Football Frequently Ask Questions

Q. When do sign-ups open for the 2018 tackle football season?

A. 2018 sign-ups are open now and will continue until rosters are full. 

Q. What are the boundary areas?

A. The are no boundary restrictions. Any child can play for the MMSP Rams. 

Q. What are the age requirements?

A. 5 to 14 years old. League age is determined as of July 31st of the season year.

Q. Where do you practice?

A. Rancho Cienega Park 5001 Rodeo Rd, Los Angeles, CA

Q. How much & how often do you practice? 

A. We practice 3 days a week during the regular season. Official practices will begin on August 2nd.  We will practice from 6-8 pm five days a week until 20 hours of conditioning is met. 


Q. What conference do you play in?

A. We are a member of the Snoop Youth Football League (SYFL)

Q. Is there a minimum weight requirement?

A. No. The (SYFL) is one of the few conferences that does not restrict smaller children. The conference leaves that decision up to the individual families and the chapters.

Q.What is the registration cost for the season? A. Click Register online for cost.


Q. What is included in the registration fee?

A. The fee includes the use of a custom helmet, shoulder pads, game pants + Jersey and practice jersey. Also included to keep: spirit pack (3/4 sleeve sublimated compression shirt and performance shorts). Registration fees will go toward a portion of practice & home game field rental, all football equipment, insurance, conference affiliation fees/dues.


Q. What mandatory equipment do I need to buy?

A. Each player is responsible to provide their own:

-Black practice pants (Nike or Under Armour integrated pants are recommended)

-mouth piece (color TBA)



-hard chin strap 

-game socks (color TBA)


Q. If we go on vacation and my child misses practice(s), is that a problem?

A. Youth tackle football is a big commitment as well as a true team sport. If possible, it is highly recommended to schedule vacations and/or sleep away camp before July 23rd, of the season year (1st official day of practice). Also, it's very important for every child to make it to practice and maximize their potential. We only practice 3 days a week once the regular season begins. So, summer practices are an integral part of our teams growth. We want to field competitive teams and make sure your children are safe and prepared to play to the best of their ability. Usually,players that miss summer practice will end up being minimum play children.  

Q. What is the actual amount of practice time required to play in a game?

A. The conference rules mandate that a child must condition for at least 10 hours before putting on full gear. During the first 10 hours, players are permitted to wear helmets at the chapters discretion. A child must wear full gear for an additional 10 hours before they can have full contact with another player. However, contact with bags is permitted during this time. 30 hours are needed to particiate in a scrimmage/game. These rules are in place to protect your children and the children that line up next to them.

Q. Will I need to show a birth certificate or passport to certify my child to play?

A. ALL PLAYERS from lower lower division to upper division MUST provide a CA State ID from the DMV, passport or military ID. Certification must view an official document that shows your child's date of birth. They will ONLY accept an official California ID, a valid passport. No photo copies will be accepted. These documents must be turned in at sign up and will be returned right after certification day. NO EXCEPTIONS. If you cannot find it or do not have one, please apply for one as soon as possible.


Q. Do I need a medical physical to play?

A. Yes. We recommend that you schedule your medical exam during the summer, before practice begins, so you do not miss any practice time. We will need the physical form on or before July 23rd (first day of practice).  No child can participate without a signed physical form on file with us. If you do not have a primary physician or your doctor is not available, CVS pharmacy Minute-Clinics offers youth football physicals. The form must be signed & stamped by the practitioner.

Q. Besides our family physician, are there any other places to get a quick physical exam?

A. Yes, the Minute Clinic at some CVS pharmacies. Please remenber that physicals are due at the equipment handout on TBA. No physical, no play. Call before you go. Here are the closest locations. 

IMPORTANT: Your family physician is recommended. Always included your family medical history as well.

Inside CVS/pharmacy®


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Inside CVS/pharmacy®


Q. When do the official mandatory practices begin?

A. July 23, 2018

Q. When can I check out my football gear?

A. Football gear will be distributed on TBA to all paid participants who have turned in all of their paperwork and has signed the equipment release form. 


Q. How long is the regular season?

A. Usually, eight regular season games over nine weeks. Play-offs may last an additional one, two or three weeks depending if your team qualifies and wins. The Division 1 Super Bowl will be TBA and the Division 2 Championship game will be played on TBA.

Q. Are there tryouts?

A. There are no official try-outs. However, players may be released with a full refund, if we feel they cannot protect themselves.

Q. How are the children put on teams?

A. Teams are determined by a combination of age and experience.

Q. Does everyone get to play in the games?

A. Yes. The minimum play requirement is 8 plays a game for player's that do not miss practice. Unexcused or frequent absences may result in a player sitting out of a game or longer. We will handle these issues on a case-by-case basis. 

Q. Is there game travel involved?

A. We usually play four home games & four away games during the regular season. However, this can change slightly due to scheduling issues & field space availability. 

Q. Are there captains?

A. Yes. Five captains will be named on each team just before the Jamboree scrimmage. The criteria used by each head coach for the selection process entails: practice attendance, leadership skills, work ethic, committment, coachability & passion. Captains will wear a patch on their game jersey. Captains can be demoted at any time if they do not exhibit good sportsmanship or character. We believe captains are an extension of the coaches on the field and to make sure that there is accountability amongst the team.

Q. Can a parent, relative and/or child be dismissed from the MMSP Rams?

A. Yes. We reserve the right to dismiss anyone that we believe is not acting in the best interest of the MMSP Rams Youth Football & Cheer Club or that exhibits any conduct that we deem as detrimental to our club.? Please see the "Code-of-Conduct" form for more details.

Q. What is the refund policy?

A. No refunds. We must buy our custom ordered equipment well before the season and have limited roster spots. Therfore, we do not provide refunds.

Q. How does the wait-list work?

A. Once we close a roster, we will create a wait-list. Wait-listed players will be added based on positional need when a roster spot becomes available. 

Q. Are there any volunteer requirements?

A. Yes. Volunteering is recommended and essential. There are many ways to help out with your team and/or the MMSP Rams organization. We rely on volunteers and donations to make this program a success. All coaches are volunteers. So, please do not complain about them. Especially, if you have not volunteered to coach. Without them, there would be no team. 

Q. How is your club classified by the Internal Revenue Service?

A. MMSP Rams Youth Athletics is under the umbrella of Mark's Mentoring & Sports Program, Inc. and is an active California Non-Profit & 501(c)(3) corporation. Our EIN # is available upon request.




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